Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Gardening" with heavy machinery

At times, heavy machinery trumps an experienced gardener. Cameron County assisted us in spreading the ever growing mulch pile in the "Valley Native Forest" area of The Arboretum. As skilled as the backhoe operator was, he still needed our assistance in distributing it evenly over the area. Here Bonnie takes a bit of a breather.

Interns George and Norman drove up from Brownsville for a morning of helping.

As did Mary. . . . . Walt, a Tuesday morning regular, made sure all the trees received a nice drink of water. There is an everychanging group that meets every Tuesday morning. As the temperatures have risen, we've begun arriving earlier and earlier - there's always someone here by 8:30. If you arrive first, I'm sure you can find something that needs a bit of TLC. Check the sidebar of this blog, for our current To-Do list.