Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Arboretum Plan

This is the initial overall plan for The Arboretum. Double click on the plan to enlarge it. This garden lays on a lot that measures 250 feet by 150 feet, more or less. The only limitation we have are the power lines that run from the front right to the back left. In order to utilize all the space, we have placed the vegetable garden, butterfly garden and water feature underneath them. Already on the property were the live oak and two mesquite trees - and do we love having those mature trees! With the exception of the colima, all the trees were planted in November of 2007. Understory trees and shrubs will be added and paths will meander through the garden. Signage will make it self-guided for those unable to attend a class or tour. We hope you will check back often to follow our progress.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tuesdays in the Arboretum

The new Master Gardener course began this month. At the first class, the MG "interns" were given a tour of The Arboretum with a quick description of the trees. Some of them came out Tuesday morning to help with a little maintanence. Floyd weeded, edged and generally cleaned up some of the beds. This Wild Olive, Anacuahita, looked awesome when he was done!
Walt and Doss both worked with the mulch spreading crew. We made a pretty nice size dent in our huge pile of mulch!

There is a group that meets every Tuesday morning to work either in the garden or on the garden (or both!) Any Master Gardener can get an hour or two of work in at their convenience. The gates to the County Annex are open all day Monday through Friday and on Saturday mornings. Chris will be coordinating Saturday workdays each month.

Some of the bluebonnet seed we spread in December sprouted! (Even though December is really too late to sow wildflower seed in Deep South Texas - we just got lucky). This is our first bloom.