Saturday, November 21, 2009

Propagating Roses


Master Gardener Jennifer Wilson shared a fuss-free method of rose propagation.     
Jennifer says to look for cool nights when you are deciding when to propagate or plant roses. 

Cuttings should be about a pencil width.  Cut your stem right below a leaf node and remove all but a couple of leaves.  

Jennifer uses a growing medium that is 50% potting mix and 50% vermiculite or perlite.  Place a couple inches into a quart size zipper bag and put your cutting into it. 
Zip the bag closed and place where it will receive indirect sunlight.   You may need to add a little water (a teaspoon) - but wait and see if condensation forms inside the bag before you add water. 
Our growing medium had enough moisture that condensation formed inside all the cutting bags.  If you've taken a number of cuttings, be sure to identify them.  

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November To-Do List for South Texas Gardeners

Time to plant:

Flowers: anemone bulbs, calendula, geraniums, larkspur, dianthus, petunias, impatiens, ranunculus bulbs, snapdragons, stocks, calla lilies.

Trees: mesquite, live oak, cedar elm, Rio Grande ash, anacua, Texas mountain laurel, brasil, chapote.

Shrubs: Native: yellow sophora, brush holly, Texas Kidneywood, hachinal, heart-leaf hibiscus, Drummond’s Turk’s cap, blackbrush, Torry’s croton, Texas baby-bonnets, low croton.
Non-native: cold tolerant: Japanese boxwood, green pittosporum, variegated pittosporum, nandina, viburnum, dwarf yaupon holly, waxleaf ligustrum, red-tip photinia.

Vegetables: broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, mustard, onions, turnips.

Herbs: anise, basil, Mexican mint marigold, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme.

-Harvest peppers, tomatoes, greens, citrus, avocados, pecans.
-Divide daylilies.
-Fertilize 6 to 8 week old vegetable plants with 1lb. ammonium nitrate or 2 lbs. of 16-20-0 per 50 feet of row.
-At the end of the month buy your poinsettias. There are five different color types: red, pink, yellow, white, and jingle bells which is variegated red and white.
-Plant roses.
-Collect leaves from shedding trees and bushes. COMPOST THEM!.
-Watch the weather reports for possible freezing conditions.
-Collect materials to protect citrus trees and tender ornamentals from freezes.
-At the end of the month purchase Christmas cactus for blooming in December.
-Plan now for your December christmas tree.

(Information source: Successful Gardening in the Magic Valley of Texas, Dist. VI, Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. and Native Trees- and Native Shrubs- of the lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas Landscape Uses and Identification, Native Plant Project, P.O. Box 1433, Edinburg, TX.