Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rain's Aftermath

Stopped by the Arboretum on Friday, July 11th to see how everything had fared after the recent record rainfall earlier in the week. I was told that the Arboretum rain gauge topped out at 8 inches! The rain is certainly welcome after months of scant precipitation. However, the sheer amount that fell has left the Arboretum a muddy, swampy mess.

This is the low lying area where Butterfly Plot 4 is located.

Despite being wet in many areas, other spots have dried very quickly under the scorching sun, revealing the signature cracking of clay soil.

Mosquitoes abound with all the standing water. This particular girl decided to make a meal of my arm, ensuring the future of her eggs. DEET? What's that? These RGV mosquitoes are evidently immune.

On a lighter note, the Brasil tree which was planted at the ground-breaking ceremony, that subsequently took a tumble and was replanted, has been slowly recovering and is leafing out quite nicely.